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Orthogonal Perspectives

Orthogonal Perspectives is an Australian-based group. Some of its music, much of which provides ethical and social commentary, is available to listen to via the mp3 player below. Please select a song, adjust the volume, consider and enjoy.

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Orthogonal Perspectives music is also available via Orthogonal Perspectives on the triplejunearthed website.

Some other songs will be made available in due course on the iTunes store (not yet!), which can be downloaded at www.apple.com/itunes. It is likely that profits from a yet-to-be-released song will also be donated to secular charities.

Questions can be directed to the Contact Us page.

Thank you very much for supporting Orthogonal Perspectives.

The current track list, and song lyrics, appear below.

Track list

1. My Life

The song of defiance and individual rights, critical of those leaders (and we all know who they are) who deny individual rights to others.

2. The Game (Ponting’s Lament)

A song about the spirit of cricket and what’s important about sport and life, framed in the context of an imagined game between Australia’s all time best players against those fantastic all time best players from the rest-of-the-world. Sure to stimulate sporting debate, as well as promote sportsmanship.

3. I am ACE (Advocate for Climate Excellence)

I am ACE encourages us to aknowledge and act to mitigate the effects of anthropogenic climate change.

************** more songs to come **************


1. My Life

(by David Swanton 2009)

For two thousand years they have feasted on fear
Opponents have been killed, persecuted and smeared
Their unfounded nonsense denies scientific fact
How dare they tell me how I should think or act

My life is my-yi-yi life
Oh my life is my-yi-yi life
Oh my life is my-yi-yi life
Oh my life is my-yi-yi life

They retard social progress to detriment of all
Stifle knowledge and thought, cause horrendous wars
Invent murderous gods for their insecurities
But prayers can’t grow limbs on amputees


They’re hypocritical, sexist, religist, homophobes
Who ban abortion, euthanasia, condoms, embryos
They indoctrinate, discriminate, intimidate too
They mustn’t force their cults on children, me or you


They should respect people’s views and give equality
Teach common sense, tolerance and rationality
The world would have harmony, peace and sanity
If they let people think and have choice and liberty.

Chorus x 2


2. The Game (Ponting’s Lament)

(by David Swanton 2006)

It’s a game for mates
Of skill with a ball
Of magnificent feats
That inspire us all

The crowd goes wild, standing on their feet,
Tremendous game, never will repeat,
The best are here, playing bloody hard,
And in the right spirit, of friendship and regard.

Bradman and Sobers, the captains grand,
This is ‘The Game’, the players understand.
Lillee and Thomo, to Gavaskar and Hobbs,
Rockets whistle past, and they hook and dodge.
Richards, Compton, Pollock, Sobers, Worrell, Walcott, Weekes,
Lindwall, Miller swing it, it’s their minds they must defeat.
And Warney bowls, a wrong ‘un then a flipper,
Bamboozles all, with a zooter spinning ripper.
Akram, Dev and Khan, slog out really hard,
And bloody Botham hits the ball, into someone’s yard.


Drinks are taken, smiles all around,
Great to be alive, and playing on this ground.
Ponsford, Morris open, Bradman strides out next,
Glorious is his plunder, his magnificence is best.
Chappell, Harvey, Walters, Border, Trumper, Waugh,
Hooking, driving, cutting, we admire it in awe.
Then Knott crouches, Murali wants a winner,
Out comes a doosra, he’s a tricky little spinner.
Hadlee is poetry, Bedser a master,
Healy hooks out, against Larwood’s a disaster.


But Ponting’s lament, and we commiserate,
There never can be games, with all these cricket greats.
Hayden, Tendulkar, Lara, Gilchrist and McGrath,
Have provided enjoyment, for every crowd afar.
And all their talents are grand, revered across the lands…

One clear fact, and appreciate we do,
Cricket’s but a game, and while fun, there’s much more too.
At the end of the game, we shake each other’s hand,
The spirit of the game is what players must understand,
And there is one maxim, that we all should heed:
Love life and sport and, enjoy every deed.

Chorus (x 2)

3. I am ACE (Advocate for Climate Excellence)

(by David Swanton 2009)

I am Ace
I am Ace

They’re selfish bloody pigs, who think they’re so big, they can wreck our world oh yeah
Scientifically inept, but conclude nonetheless, that the climate’s not in stress oh yeah
Stupidity knows no bounds, cause idiots in the towns, want to burn fossil fuels oh yeah
Our kids will appreciate, if we can stimulate, sustainable world renewal oh yeah

We can be Ace
We can be Ace
We can be Ace
We can be Ace

We have a strong obligation, to future generations, to care for our world oh yeah
Be better damn persons, who can make the assertion, that the planet be respected oh yeah
So now I’m real smart, I don’t want to be a part, of a future with oil oh yeah
We must love our earth, for all it is worth, or our world will boil oh yeah

I can be Ace
I can be Ace
I can be Ace
I can be Ace

Renewables are the go, so plants can grow, and animals reproduce oh yeah
A future for our kids, if pollies put the skids, on greenhouse gases oh yeah
So we all should scream out, ‘let’s put the flames out’, give the world a rebirth oh yeah
Cause in many years hence, they’ll thank us for the sense, to save the earth oh yeah
I am Ace
I am Ace
I am Ace
I am Ace
I am Ace