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The Bibbble

The Bibbble is, according to intelligent people, a light satire of standard religious texts, and is the book you must have. It is free and can be viewed as html on a screen, but is best viewed as a pdf document (Adobe Reader is required to read The Bibbble). You can view or download this book by clicking on

The Bibbble

(for viewing on a screen) or

The Bibbble

(complete pdf document, size 5.5 Mb, suitable for screen viewing and printing).

The Bibbble is not long, and it does not need to be.

The Bibbble tells why we are here, it provides ethical principles that we all can live by (better than that of religions born in antiquity), and it provides a small number of simple tests to assess whether we are living fulfilling and ethically good lives. Certainly, we don't want to show NONG (non-objective non-good) behaviour. Please read it conjunction with The Bibbble Companion, see below.

Read and consider The Bibbble. See if you can work out the hidden messages. The Bibbble will make those who are religious, and who have not been too severely indoctrinated, to think more about why they believe what they do. It will help educate them.

Keep The Bibbble under your pillow. Next time you are harangued at your front door by religious people who claim that it's a miracle due to their god that a person survived cancer or an earthquake when one million died, or politicians want to ban abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality or contraception because it's against their god's will, show them that The Bibbble is 'the better alternative'. Challenge them to take The Bibbble Tests. Show them that The Bibbble's Ethical Principles for a Level 3 Universe (EP3) are better than their commandments. Show them that The Bibbble is scientifically accurate, while their religion is not.

If you like and value The Bibbble, please consider making a donation to support The Bibbble's further development. Have fun. And help make the world a better place.

The Bibbble Companion

The Bibbble Companion explains some of the mysteries of The Bibbble, but not all. It would not be good if readers were spoon-fed all the answers, because The Bibbble has been written to encourage thinking and generate debate. Please click one of the following links to read it.

The Bibbble Companion (for viewing on a screen)


The Bibbble Companion (pdf document, size 217 kb)



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